TMJ & TMD Therapy

Do you suffer from migraine headaches, sore teeth, or aching jaws? This pain could be caused by “clenching” your teeth while sleeping. This clenching at night can cause painful morning headaches, cracked teeth, and sore muscles in the face, neck, and back. Dr. Silva will use advanced technology to correct your bite and alleviate pain and discomfort.

Who is affected?

Temporomandibular joint disease (also known as TMD or TMJ) affects 75 million people at any one time. It is a chronic, degenerative disease that may take years to develop. People who suffer from TMJ disorder have a structural imbalance in their jaw-to-skull relationship, caused by an unhealthy bite.

This disease causes the following:

  • Alteration of the position of the temporomandibular joint by placing excessive pressure on the joint and tissues around them.
  • Twisting the jaw into a strained position, further affecting the muscles in the face, back, neck and shoulders.
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What are the symptoms?

You may be a candidate for neuromuscular dentistry if you experience any of the following symptoms on a regular basis:

  • Headaches or Migraines
  • Unexplained Loose Teeth
  • Worn, Chipped or Cracked Teeth
  • Cracking, Chipping or Breaking Dental Restorations
  • Cracking, Chipping, or Breaking Dental Restorations
  • Pain or Soreness around the Jaw Joints; Pain in teeth that seems to move around
  • Neck, Shoulder or Back Pain, Facial pain
  • Clicking or Grating Sounds in the Jaw Joints Limited Movement or Locking Jaw
  • Numbness in your Fingers and Arms


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Our TMJ Consultation is $100, which is applied to any treatment options.

The First Visit

We believe that getting the correct diagnosis is a huge part of the process….unlike the old days when treatment would get done based, frankly, on guesswork. Doing the wrong treatment is so devastating; we never want to do that. So the first visit will take about 1 hour of diagnostic testing and examination.

The TMD examination includes an oral examination, muscle / joint palpations, jaw & cervical range of motion to identify postural compensation patterns and balance testing to analyze the impact of jaw/neck misalignment on the whole body.

Dr. Silva would perform a detailed set of diagnostic tests to determine the exact mandibular position where the joints and muscles of mandibular and cervical posture would be unstrained. The diagnostic testing includes CT scans of the TM joints (in closed, protruding and maximum opening), K7 computerized jaw tracking scans; this provides precise range of motion measurements of the jaw in 3-D, electro-sonography; this will determine the degree of joint disease, and volumetric airway analysis.

Dr. Silva would analyze all the information from the diagnostic tests to diagnose the presenting condition of the patient including the discrepancy between the current jaw / neck alignment and the optimal one. This ‘gap’ reveals the available treatment options to achieve optimal structural alignment which, in turn, would facilitate the physiology to regain normalcy leading to resolution of symptoms.

Once Dr. Silva has analyzed all of the data derived from the tests, she will provide any answer questions you may have. She strongly believes that it is her responsibility to thoroughly educate the patient on their condition and its implications. Dr. Silva will present all treatment options applicable to the condition as well as their associated consequences so that any treatment decisions you make will be an informed decision.

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